Friday, 29 October 2010

GCSEs: the good and the bad.

Over half term, I've been given 6 pieces of homework to do. So far, I've done 3 I think. They were all easy, a mymaths task, a wordsearch and 1 or 2 other things for biology and some stupid pointless thing for geography. Pointless because it was to design a shopping centre and write why you put certain shops where. How is that going to help me in life?
Staying on the subject of life, I think it's pretty clear what GCSEs I'm going to take. They are:
  • Art - I love art. I'm good at it, or so I've been told, and it's a favorite. It could get me somewhere.
  • Textiles - Fashion is everywhere, and I've fallen in love with it. Just look at the Lady I love, it's obvious her fashion sense would rub off on me. I especially love Alexander McQueen's work. Pure genius.
  • French - J'adore le francais! Again, a favorite. And by previous exam results, I'm good at it too.
  • Religious Studies - I find it quite easy, and I try really hard in class. I don't know why I love this subject, it's just interesting.
Of course, there are subjects we are forced to take for GCSE. They are:
  • Science(Chemistry, Biology, Physics) - Sciences are... okay, I guess. Depends what we do. Some is fun some is boring.
  • Maths - Kill me. Maths is boring, and we seem to go over the same things every year. The teacher is annoying.
  • English -  Worse than maths. I hope I get a different teacher for GCSE, she's just so boring! One thing I like about her is that she tends to trip over my friend's bags. Which is funny. Especially when it's right in front of you.
  • Welsh - Add maths and english together. Then multiply it by 10. Add 1, just for fun. That is how much I loathe welsh. For some reason in the exams, I keep getting highest in the class, meaning I stay in the top set. It's so annoying. The teacher looks like she's cut her hair with a freaking bowl, her eyes are freaky as hell and her voice goes through me. I can tell when she's gonna pick me to answer a question. It goes like this: *in my head*Not me, not me, not me... oh God she's gonna pick me. "Urmmm..." No, no, no, no! "...Jade?" Oh damn... What was the question again? This is where listening pays off.
Oh God, just realised I have 2 more years of welsh left. 2. 2 more years of that hell-hole. Anyone volunteer to replace me in welsh lessons?

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