Monday, 1 November 2010

What did I dress up as for Halloween?... GAGA OOH LA LA!

Yes, the title says it all. I dressed up as Lady GaGa for Halloween. (Rubbish) Yellow hair extensions, eyeliner, red lipstick, black outfit, fishnets that ripped themselves throughout the night and a pair of boots that were responsible for 2 holes in the fishnets. Okay, okay, I'll admit, I wasn't the best GaGa. I could have made more of an effort, and I regret that now. I could have looked way better. I forgot to mention the fake blood and eyeliner tattoo I put on for the finishing touches. The tattoo is still there a little, you can see the outline.
There are so many GaGas that I could of gone as, but I chose the easiest to put together; the on stage one. These are a few recognizable ones I just thought of and why I didn't choose them(I wrote 'few' before I started listing. There are a lot here!) :
  • The Alejandro Vampire Queen - Very easy to recognize. But the crown would of been hard to make. I already have natural grillz. I'm serious. I swear to dear God, I have fangs.
  • The VMA Performance 2009 - Quite easy to recognize for most. I actually don't know why I didn't do that one, I had the fake blood. The hair would of been hard to do though. Only downside. But I would of found a way. Maybe use a wig. Damn, I really regret not doing this one now!
  • The Meat Dress - The meat GaGa wore was clean, didn't smell and it was fine. Mine wouldn't of been like that. I have guts, but I wouldn't have the guts to do that just yet. My parents would never let me either.
  • Bad Romance - I have a few for this one:
    1. The black crown in the mirror scene - Quite recognizable. Quite easy to do. I'm so stupid!
    2. The white monster bodysuit - Maybe not that easy to find and make, but recognizable.
    3. The alien shoes - Where would I find shoes like that without buying actual McQueen ones? The outfit would of been hard too. But very recognizable.
    4. Polar bear coat - If I had searched really hard I could of found a coat like that. I would obviously wear more than underwear underneath, probably a bodysuit. Starting to feel stupid again, that would of been a good one!
  • Just Dance - A few for this one too, all with a wig:
    1. The disco bodysuit - The one she wears with the coat. Would of been reasonably easy.
    2. White shirt, disco bra and skirt - Would obviously have worn a disco top, not bra. Another easy one too.
    3. Animal print outfit - I could of found something like that. The lightning bolt would of been too easy. Aw. This one would of been good.
  • Paparazzi Micky Mouse suit - I wouldn't of found a suit like that. I would of tried so so so hard though! The glasses I could look for, or make. And a wig too.
  • Poker Face - Got a few for this(again!) :
    1. The wetsuit - Bodysuit. Make a mask. Borrow shoes off my sister. Wig. Done. Oh gosh I feel so dumb.
    2. The... other suit... - The one with the lightning bolt, not the dance suit. Silvery outfit with matching gloves? Aw, I could've done it.
  • Telephone - So many for this!:
    1. Stripey dress at the start - I could've found it. Definitly.
    2. Cigarette glasses - Definitly could of done this. Stick the cigarettes on old sunglasses, don't light them of course. I find smoking kinda... Well, not disgusting, but not good. Find a bodysuit and some white boots.
    3. Coke cans - Easy. No need to explain. Coke cans would fall out after a couple of hours though.
    4. Waitress - This would of been easy.
    5. Telephone hat - Okay, not in Telephone but could be recognized as GaGa. Just stick it on my head and done. Very easy.
  • The Living Dress - Floaty dress, better yellow extensions, wings. Done.
Okay, as I said just now, way more than a few. But still, so easy to be done. Hopefully next year, I can go as one of these. But by then, Born This Way will be out and one or two more videos with amazing outfits to add to the list. So, next year I'll make my decision early and prepare properly.
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Bye!

P.S. Sorry for this being so long, I didn't intend it to be like this long!

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