Friday, 29 October 2010

GCSEs: the good and the bad.

Over half term, I've been given 6 pieces of homework to do. So far, I've done 3 I think. They were all easy, a mymaths task, a wordsearch and 1 or 2 other things for biology and some stupid pointless thing for geography. Pointless because it was to design a shopping centre and write why you put certain shops where. How is that going to help me in life?
Staying on the subject of life, I think it's pretty clear what GCSEs I'm going to take. They are:
  • Art - I love art. I'm good at it, or so I've been told, and it's a favorite. It could get me somewhere.
  • Textiles - Fashion is everywhere, and I've fallen in love with it. Just look at the Lady I love, it's obvious her fashion sense would rub off on me. I especially love Alexander McQueen's work. Pure genius.
  • French - J'adore le francais! Again, a favorite. And by previous exam results, I'm good at it too.
  • Religious Studies - I find it quite easy, and I try really hard in class. I don't know why I love this subject, it's just interesting.
Of course, there are subjects we are forced to take for GCSE. They are:
  • Science(Chemistry, Biology, Physics) - Sciences are... okay, I guess. Depends what we do. Some is fun some is boring.
  • Maths - Kill me. Maths is boring, and we seem to go over the same things every year. The teacher is annoying.
  • English -  Worse than maths. I hope I get a different teacher for GCSE, she's just so boring! One thing I like about her is that she tends to trip over my friend's bags. Which is funny. Especially when it's right in front of you.
  • Welsh - Add maths and english together. Then multiply it by 10. Add 1, just for fun. That is how much I loathe welsh. For some reason in the exams, I keep getting highest in the class, meaning I stay in the top set. It's so annoying. The teacher looks like she's cut her hair with a freaking bowl, her eyes are freaky as hell and her voice goes through me. I can tell when she's gonna pick me to answer a question. It goes like this: *in my head*Not me, not me, not me... oh God she's gonna pick me. "Urmmm..." No, no, no, no! "...Jade?" Oh damn... What was the question again? This is where listening pays off.
Oh God, just realised I have 2 more years of welsh left. 2. 2 more years of that hell-hole. Anyone volunteer to replace me in welsh lessons?

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

THAT was freaky.

2 words. Paranormal Activity. I've never had the guts to watch it, but yesterday, I was forced to by my friends. Didn't see the scariest bit though - the end. Still screamed though. Thud. *scream!*
I was fine after it, or so I thought. Watching TV last night, and the trailer for the second Paranormal Activity comes on. Then I wasn't fine. Something flew at the fricking screen and it scared the life outta me!

We always seem to go to the same persons house to watch scary films. We've watched 5 films there now:
  • Wrong Turn - Only bit I saw was when someone got shot in the eye with a fricking arrow. Just as I turned it went through his head. Lovely. It was obviously fake though.
  • The Candyman - Not a bad film. Not that scary either, just gory. I did see quite a lot of that, just turned away when it got sick.
  • The Ring 2 - I think it was the second one. I didn't see the first half (got there halfway through), and the second half I didn't see much of. It wasn't scary from what I saw. When my friends were cowering because the girl was coming at the screen, I cowered too, but then looked at the TV and laughed at them. It wasn't that scary.
  • The Fourth Kind - Good film. It's so unreal, but it is real. Now that is freaky. But then again, it could have been staged. But it looked pretty real.
  • Paranormal Activity - Again, a good film. I know it's not real, so I think that's what is keeping me from being scared. It's kinda funny when she's being dragged outta bed.
I hope the next time we go there we don't watch a scary film. Just a film for once, maybe? If not, count me out. Why do teenagers have to watch that genre of film all the time?! A funny film would be good, like Step Brothers? I looove Step Brothers. Easily my favorite film. Elf? It's coming close to Christmas, Elf is appropriate. Just realised it's Halloween on Sunday and we're having a bit of a party, we better not watch a film. Just music, singing loudly, dancing stupidly and laughing, that's fun, right? Watching a film where I turn away half the time is not fun.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Sipping soup, simming and a stupid shoulder

Had some tomato soup for lunch, yum! Not my favorite soup, that's vegetable, but either way, it was nice. Took me a while to eat though... Do you say eat or drink for soup? Logically, you would say drink, because it's a liquid, but you have it for food, so that would mean eat, right? I'm sticking with eat, it sounds better.

In the meantime, I've been playing a little bit of the Sims 3. Didn't do much at all on it today though. Changed my girls hair color to lavender, then back to blond, took off all her tattoos and added on better ones. They look very nice now. Also moved around her office, and by office I mean spare room with an art easel and a tattoo chair. Still trying to find a way to make her a tattoo artist(anybody know?).

I'm in a lot of pain. My shoulder is hurting so much, it's so annoying. It's the lower part of my shoulder/upper back, not the top by my neck. It won't go away, it's been there for about 2 months now. I don't even know what could be causing it. Just stop ruining my life.

Need some nice clothes for Halloween, so going to look some up online. It needs to be GaGa, but not expensive - it's going to get a little bit of fake blood on it and my mum wouldn't let me buy something just to ruin it. Hopefully a bodysuit type leotard thing so it looks like the one she wears on stage. May show my findings on here later, bye!

Ohhh, so you finally decided to work Mr iPod?

I don't know what's up with my iPod. Didn't work for about an hour last night, then I held in the button for it to turn on and, surprisingly, it turned on! I've been told not to plug it into my laptop anymore because it's crashing it, so whenever it needs syncing it's going to have to be a quick sync.
I have nothing more to say, except that my shoulder is killing me, as it always does. Hope it goes away soon. Food now, then a bit of the Sims 3. May even request a song on the radio. Bye!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Pros and Cons of iPods

My iPod. How brilliant it has been over the past few months.
But then Thursday came, and everything changed. Listened to it in Art, everything was fine. Turned it off. Left it in my bag for a couple of hours then got it out after school. Plugged it in to my laptop. Nothing. Pulled it out, plugged it back in. Nothing.
Then, it completely crashed my laptop. Stayed working on it for a few hours and it kept repeating the cycle. Turned off my laptop again and this time, it didn't turn back on.
Now, it's beginning to do the same, but it's not fooling me this time. It's crashed, stuck on a screen where it says "Connected. Eject before disconnecting" even though the USB isn't in and neither is the other end. Pretty obvious it's crashed.
I've had it since Christmas and nothing like this has happened before. What the actual hell? I'm not happy. It can just go away and die for all I care.

So, the pros of my iPod:
  • It's kept an annoying kid in my Art class from talking to me
  • It's kept me company on long journeys
  • It's drowned out the TV when I don't want to watch it

The cons:
  • It's being crashing after not even a year of use
  • It's crashing my laptop when it shouldn't be
  • I don't know how to fix it, I'm not a tech genius
  • It's technology. These kinda things happen and I have a feeling it's going to keep happening
I'm gonna leave it at that. It's technology. What can you do? Other than send it off and get a new one, but I don't want the hassle. Rant over. Bye.

I Could Die in your Brown Eyes because darling you are The Only Exception

Today has been rather eventful, yet rather boring.

Big day on Twitter today. My followers went up by about 7 or 8, I checked them on my phone to follow back and the first on the list was Semi Precious Weapons! I Could Die! Next, I learnt that GaGa has reached 1 billion(yes, 1,000,000,000) views on Youtube. My timeline exploded with #GaGa1Billion forcing me to sign out. It's still playing up now, very annoying.

Then boredom hit. I listened to a multiple amount of songs(I'd say about 30-40) before switching to my slow songs playlist. Got kinda depressed thinking about the person I like, and his Brown Eyes. I'm still bored now to be honest. Also trying to figure out a way to put my story up on the Internet to share with my friends and followers. When I find a way, I'll post it.

Bye for now!