Wednesday, 27 October 2010

THAT was freaky.

2 words. Paranormal Activity. I've never had the guts to watch it, but yesterday, I was forced to by my friends. Didn't see the scariest bit though - the end. Still screamed though. Thud. *scream!*
I was fine after it, or so I thought. Watching TV last night, and the trailer for the second Paranormal Activity comes on. Then I wasn't fine. Something flew at the fricking screen and it scared the life outta me!

We always seem to go to the same persons house to watch scary films. We've watched 5 films there now:
  • Wrong Turn - Only bit I saw was when someone got shot in the eye with a fricking arrow. Just as I turned it went through his head. Lovely. It was obviously fake though.
  • The Candyman - Not a bad film. Not that scary either, just gory. I did see quite a lot of that, just turned away when it got sick.
  • The Ring 2 - I think it was the second one. I didn't see the first half (got there halfway through), and the second half I didn't see much of. It wasn't scary from what I saw. When my friends were cowering because the girl was coming at the screen, I cowered too, but then looked at the TV and laughed at them. It wasn't that scary.
  • The Fourth Kind - Good film. It's so unreal, but it is real. Now that is freaky. But then again, it could have been staged. But it looked pretty real.
  • Paranormal Activity - Again, a good film. I know it's not real, so I think that's what is keeping me from being scared. It's kinda funny when she's being dragged outta bed.
I hope the next time we go there we don't watch a scary film. Just a film for once, maybe? If not, count me out. Why do teenagers have to watch that genre of film all the time?! A funny film would be good, like Step Brothers? I looove Step Brothers. Easily my favorite film. Elf? It's coming close to Christmas, Elf is appropriate. Just realised it's Halloween on Sunday and we're having a bit of a party, we better not watch a film. Just music, singing loudly, dancing stupidly and laughing, that's fun, right? Watching a film where I turn away half the time is not fun.

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