Monday, 8 November 2010

Short blog: Maco

Just doing a quick little post to tell you about the story I wrote a few weeks back. It's called Maco, weird name I know, but if you read it then you'll understand. It's about a girl named Natalie, who has just moved out of her parents house and into her own apartment. I didn't really emphasize that part in it though. Her parents split up soon after she moves out, and she doesn't handle it well, in other words, she gets depressed. Cause she's depressed, she becomes a bit of an alcoholic/druggie. Depression gets to much, blah blah blah, she decides to end her life. But it doesn't go as she planned. I'm gonna leave the description there and let you find out for yourself what happens. Here is the link for you, I hope you like it:

P.S. If you do read it, then please send me a comment on Twitter (@ladyvanity13), I'd really appreciate it! Thanks, bye!

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