Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas list

Okay, so earlier on I was doodling in my sketch book and I decided to write what I want for Christmas and my birthday. My family have been bugging me by asking what I want. This is the list, and the words are exactly what I wrote on the paper:

Xmas list        
Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff
Sims 3 Late Night
Gaga stuff (t-shirts... and anything else...)
Monster Ball tickets... Joke! They're all sold out cause she's amazing.
iTunes giftcard :)
Family Guy Season 9
Band Hero or Guitar Hero (for Wii) (don't mind which one)
Just Dance 2
Super mario Galaxy 2
Wii Play
Can't think of anything else.
Wait, wait, wait!
McFly's new album. I think it's called Above The Noise but I'm not sure.

That is word for word. I actually wrote "cause she's amazing" on it. On the back of it I've drawn a lot of stuff. It looks pretty awesome. I drew a star, it was supposed to have 5 points but ended up having 6... I don't know how.
There's a few lyrics on there too; "Don't wanna hear your sad songs, I wanna feel your pain"; "I'm not the same kid from your memory"; "Scream SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS or you might get hurt"; "Rah rah ah ah ah ah, roma roma ma, Gaga ooh la la, want your Bad Romance"; "J'veux ton amour et je veux ta revenge, j'veux ton amour".
My favourite part of it though it the bottom. I drew a big flower and shaded it, wrote "I'm beautiful in my way cause God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track baby. I was Born This Way" next to it, then 2 more flowers beneath it. I'm proud of it. It's pretty.

Gotta admit, this was a pointless post. But oh well. Bye!

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